Sharing, Caring, Helping, Protection & Cooperation by mindfulness & right understanding

ThaBarWa Centre

Thabarwa (Natural) Center in Thanlyin, Myanmar is a non-profit humanitarian organization working for a noble cause.

Thabarwa Center was established with unlimited access for general benefit and is fulfilling the most crucial needs continually and persistently step by step.

Thabarwa Center is open full-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week without recess. It is the sanctuary for persons from all regions of Myanmar who seek refuge for care and attention and desire to practice meditation.

The center provides sanctuary for more than 2,400 yogis (as of February 2014) including aged persons, sick, infirm, blind, deaf, disabled, mental cases, homeless and helpless. Sanctuary is provided without discrimination or restriction as to number, time, age, health condition, nationality, social status, religion, etc.

Food, lodging and teaching are provided free of charge.

It is the place where volunteers can donate their skills, time, energy, labor, money and materials to gain merit and practice meditation for a worthy cause, and to look after the welfare of the residents taking refuge at Thabarwa Center. Thabarwa channels the money and materials received in donations to provide a peaceful venue for people to practice Dhamma without worry.


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How to come our ThaBarWa Centre:



သဘာဝတရားရိပ္သာအေၾကာင္း တေစ့တေစာင္း …

About Thabarwa Centre (As at March 2015)

က်ိဳက္ေခါက္ဘုရားေရွ႕၊ သန္လ်င္
(တာ၀ တကၠသိုလ္မေရာက္မီ တစ္မွတ္တိုင္ ေညာင္ပင္ မွတ္တိုင္ တြင္ဆင္း၍ ေရႊေပၚကၽြန္းမုဒ္ဦးလမ္းသို႕၀င္ပါ )

အမွတ္( ၄၅ ) – ၄၅လမ္း၊ ရန္ကုန္
(ကုန္သည္လမ္းႏွင့္ မဟာဗႏၶဳလလမ္းၾကား – YMCA ေဘး)

Thabarwa Center (Thabarwa Meditation Centre), Thanlyin Township of Yangon, Myanmar
No. 45, 4th Floor, 45th Street, Yangon, Myanmar


What is ThaBarWa Centre?
# Thabarwa Centre was established by Ashin Ottamasara, the abbot of the centre, in 2007, for all. In Thabarwa centre anyone can do good deeds as he or she wishes. Anyone can help others according to the situation.


# The Centre is trying to help the people in need, the old aged, the patients, and the homeless people. This place is now well-known for offering help to anyone in need. In the centre, we provide the people food, offer shelter and educate their children. Then they can also help others as they can. This is a home for all, for the whole family. The centre was established to teach people about the benefits and the good results of doing good deeds. Here we are doing good deeds all the time, all kinds of good deeds, including meditation.
#People can participate in the centre’s activities according to their own wish, for right understanding and good benefits. In this way  everybody can learn about meditation and doing good deeds by direct practice and experience. Everyone will be satisfied with doing good deeds and meditation. All  dreams will come true as a result of doing wholesome deeds with a right attitude.
#What we have done before and what we are doing now will condition and affect what is happening to us now and what will happen in the future. If there is cause, there will be effect. Causes in the past and the present time will  result in the present and future happening in our life. So if we do good, there will be good results. If we do bad, there will be bad results, now and in the future.
#Everyone can understand cause and effect very easily by staying and living the centre. This place is especially for doing good deeds and meditation, not for  frivolities. In the society you can do anything, good or bad, but here, we do only good things – we do good, we speak what is right, we think about what is true. Meditation is the mental practice of mindfulness and right understanding. Through meditation, the mind will be happy, peaceful and powerful.

#Without meditation, the mind will be full of defilements such as fear, worry, anger,  jealousy, craving, misunderstanding, etc. Here most of the people are not healthy, not young, not rich, but most of the minds here are healthy and clean, with less attachments than people in the society. This is the place of healthy and wealthy minds. We are doing good deeds and meditation every day, every time. This place is the centre of  full-time meditation and doing good deeds for spiritual development.

Information on Thabarwa Centre … သဘာဝတရားရိပ္သာအေၾကာင္း
Land size: 58 acres ………. ဧရိယာ – ၅၈ ဧက
Residents in total: ~ 2545 ………. အၿမဲတန္းေနထိုင္သူ – ၂၅၄၅ ေယာက္
Monks: 310 ………. သံဃာ – ၃၁၀ ပါး
Novices: 27 ………. ကိုရင္ – ၂၇ ပါး
Nuns: 246 ………. သီလရွင္ – ၂၄၆ ပါး
Children: 25 ………. ကေလးငယ္ – ၂၅ ေယာက္
Volunteers: 140 ………. လုပ္အားေပး – ၁၄၀ ေယာက္
60+ years old: 613 ………. အသက္ ၆၀ ႏွင့္အထက္ – ၆၁၃ ေယာက္
Meditators: ~ 1100 ………. အခ်ိန္ျပည့္ေယာဂီ – ၁၁၀၀ ေယာက္

Information on Thabarwa Residents … နာမက်မ္းသူ လူမမာမ်ား
Patients in total: 516 ………. နာမက်မ္းသူ လူမမာမ်ား – ၅၁၆ ေယာက္
Diabieties: 100 ………. ဆီးခ်ိဳ ေဝဒနာရွင္ – ၁၀၀
Cancer: 4 ………. ကင္ဆာ – ၄
Stroke: 82 ………. ေလငန္း – ၈၂
HIV: 27 ………. HIV – ၂၇
Tuberculosis: 31 ………. တီဘီ – ၃၁
TB + HIV: 4 ………. HIV + တီဘီ – ၄
Mental patients: 49 ………. စိတ္ေဝဒနာရွင္ – ၄၉

Information on Thabarwa Halls … အေဆာက္အဦးမ်ား
Number of buildings: 112 ………. အေဆာက္အဦးမ်ား – ၁၁၂
Dormitories: 42 ……….
Single yogi houses: 29 ………. တပါးေဆာင္ – ၂၉
Meditation halls: 3 ………. ဓမၼာရံု – ၃
Medical buildings: 3 (1 traditional Burmese medicine, 1 dental clinic, 1 western medicine clinic) ………. ေဆးခန္း – ၃ (ျမန္မာ့ရိုးရာတိုင္းရင္ေဆးခန္း – ၁ + သြားေဆးခန္း – ၁ + အေနာက္တိုင္းေဆးခန္း – ၁)
Schools: 2 (1 for Novices and 1 for young nuns) ………. စာသင္ေက်ာင္း – ၂ (ကိုရင္ – ၁ + သီလရွင္ – ၁)
Kitchens: 3 ………. မီးဖိုေဆာင္ – ၃
Public toilets: 6 ………. အမ်ားသံုး ေရအိမ္သာ – ၆


Information about the Goodwill Village, Thanlyin

၁၅-ေပ ေစတနာရြာ အေၾကာင္း (15 minute walk from Thabarwa Center)

Land size: 28 acres ………. အက်ယ္အဝန္း – ၂၈ ဧက
Residents in total: ~ 8600 ………. ရြာသား – ၈၆၀၀
35+ years old: 4600 ………. အသက္ ၃၅-ႏွစ္အထက္ – ၄၆၀၀
18-35 years old: 1500 ………. အသက္ ၁၈ မွ ၃၅ – ၁၅၀၀
Students: 600 ………. ေက်ာင္းသား – ၆၀၀
Children not in school: 1900 ………. ေက်ာင္းမေနေသာကေလး – ၁၉၀၀
Housing units/Huts: 2450 ………. အိမ္ေျခ – ၂၄၅၀
Schools: 1 ……….စာသင္ေက်ာင္း – ၁
Hospitals/clinics: 0 ………. ေဆးရံု / ေဆးခန္း – ၀
Community halls: 0 ………. ရြာခန္းမ – ၀
Multipurpose hall: 1 (present function: school) ………. ဓမၼာရံု – ၁
Markets: 1 (small shops: 192) ………. ေစ်း – ၁ (ဆိုင္ခန္း – ၁၉၂)
Public toilets:126 ………. အမ်ားသံုး ေရအိမ္သာ – ၁၂၆


Sharing, Caring, Helping, Protection and Cooperation by Mindfulness and Right Understanding.

The vision of Thabarwa Centre is to provide opportunities for everyone to do a wide range of good deeds on a regular basis.


Thabarwa Centre Vision and Mission
1. Thabarwa Centre is the place to practice Samatha and Vipassana Bhavana (tranquility & insight meditation) with no attachment to the teacher, the person, the method, the place and the endeavour but with central intention to arise the power of detachment, purification of mind and doing limitless good deeds including practicing Samatha and Vipassana Bhavana. Thabarwa trains and teaches yogis (meditators) to use meditation teacher, the life of meditator, the place, the method, etc for the purpose of purifying the mind and thus they are not to be attached to nor rejected.

2. Though Thabarwa Centre sets up and establishes monastic schools, libraries, clinics, hospitals, home for the aged, goodwill villages, etc, and functioning for common welfare, it is neither a social welfare organisation nor striving towards amassing worldly wealth nor functioning with the limitations and grasping to the idea of “I – you, healthy – sick, old – young, rich – poor, my country – your country, my race – your race, etc”.
Thabarwa Centre focuses solely on doing limitless good deeds beyond habitual grasping on the person, the country, the race or the religion but flexible enough to do boundlessly and continuously according to the situation, time and place for the convenience of all.
3. Although Thabarwa Centre distributes a wide range of audio Dhamma teachings, Dhamma books, Buddha statues, art photos of Buddha and renown Dhamma teachers at cost price and establishes mini-marts and satellite markets for the convenience of its residents, we are not a business entity and thus we are not striving towards making profit, amassing wealth and definitely not doing for the benefit and wellbeing of our own Thabarwa Centre. Also, we do not concur with the notion of giving priority and placing centre emphasis on the dhamma, the person, the teacher and the organisation (attachment to I-me-mine). Instead, we continuously and progressively strive to do limitless good deeds as much as possible in order to attain mundane and supramundane wellbeing. (Dhamma = Universal Welfare or Universal nature)
4. Though we continuously try our very best to carry out the duties of the country, the communities and the families by establishing series of cetana (goodwill) and dhamma villages, we are not a political organisation. In the same manner, we do not expect any official position, recognition and reward for our endeavours. We purely carry out these challenging tasks with the power of limitless good deeds (donation, morality and meditation practice).
Whenever we make use of the idea of this thing or that thing, this person or that person, this time or that time, this place or that place, we strive to abandon the habit of placing central emphasis (clinging) on our present endeavours, the person, the time and the place. In this way, we neither attach to or reject the created truth but merely make use of it (using-only) as and when it is required.
5. Thabarwa Centre carries out Dhamma propagation by building pagodas, monasteries, Pariyatti Institutes, schools, establishing meditation centres, organising meditation retreats and Dhamma talks. We strive to carry out these Dhamma  duties freely with the right understanding such as there is no I-you, not mine-yours, but just the process of physical and mental phenomena without the limitations such as for myself, for my society and for my religion.
6. Thabarwa Centre continually establishes meditation centres, organises meditation retreats and dhamma talks. However, we are not carrying out these tasks for the benefit of our centre, our students and our teachers but towards realizing the Original Truth (Dhamma perfection) which is totally free from greed, anger and delusion.
We do unlimited good deeds because we believe that the good causes will give the good results. Concurrently, we avoid  evil deeds because we also believe that the evil causes will give the evil results. Hence, we especially strive to be mindful all the time in order not to grasp to any wrong or any good as mine, my thing, or belonging to self, my endeavours, or my  life, etc.
7. Thabarwa cooperates and collaborates with various individuals, families, societies and organisations without placing central emphasis on their size (big or small) and the strength (strong or weak). Our core objective is to develop mutual understanding, tolerance and forgiveness among all parties so as to solve multitude of problems with combined strength and coordination.
8. There could be numerous good causes behind the single good cause as it is done not only for that particular single good cause, but also for limitless good causes behind it. There could be countless of individuals behind the single individual. Our endeavours are not only for the benefit of single individual but also for the countless of individuals behind him. There could be multitude of societies and organisations behind the single society and organisation. The endeavours of Thabarwa Centre are not only for the single society or organisation but also for each and every society and organisation in the world.

Aim & Policy of thabarwa1

Activities of ThaBarWa centre

Activities of ThaBarWa Centre

1. Establishing Thabarwa Centres across Myanmar and overseas countries
where yogis can practice vipassana insight meditation on long-term
(permanent, full-time) and short-term (non-permanent, part-time) basis.
2. Providing a permanent sanctuary not only to the practicing yogis
(meditators), but also to the elderly, infirm, orphans, homeless, helpless,
abandoned and lonely individuals, psychiatric and mental cases and offering
them food, shelter, medical attention, security as well as encouraging them
to listen to dhamma teachings, practice insight meditation and perform good
3. Facilitating monthly meditation retreats at Thanlyin Thabarwa Centre and
the branches of Thabarwa. It is the proof that Thabarwa neither rejects nor
attaches to the methods such as Ledi, Maharsi, Mogok, TheInnGu but
combines, incorporates and uses only.
4. Organising special dhamma talks by regional and international
Dammakahtika (teacher of dhamma) and Kammahtanacariya (instructor in
meditation) who are well verse in the fields of Pariyatti and Patipatti Sasana.
(Theories and Practices of Buddha’s teachings.)
5. Conducting daily and weekly Paticcasamuppada (the Law of Dependent
Origination) and Abhidhamma (Basket of Special Doctrine) at Thabarwa
Centre at Thanlyin since 2014.
6. Editing, audio enhancing and distributing a wide range of teachings of
renowned and prominent Vipassana Kammahtanacariya Sayadawgyis (
Insight Meditation Masters) at no cost and as gift of dhamma (dhamma
dana) to the devotees.
7. Establishing Pariyatti Institutes. The first Pariyatti Institute was
inaugurated on 24th June 2014 at Thanlyin Thabarwa Centre.
8. Establishing libraries to distribute a wide range of audio and video
dhamma teachings, dhamma books and art photos as gift of dhamma
(dhamma dana). The first library was inaugurated in October 2014 at
Thanlyin Thabarwa Centre.
9. Establishing series of cetana (goodwill) and dhamma villages for
homeless and helpless individuals and families (15ft Cetana Village,
Thanlyin, Yangon in early 2012 and Thitnipin Cetana Village, Hlegu
Township, Yangon in 2014).
10. Building dhamma halls so that villagers can listen to dhamma teachings
and practice insight meditation, setting up monastery schools, religious
schools and Pariyatti Institutes for children’ education, building dhamma
clinics and hospitals for villagers’ health and building temporary satellite
markets so that villagers can have job and steady income.
11. Drilling artesian wells and surface wells for clean and safe drinking water.
12. Solving multitude, complex and endless troubles and difficulties of
modern day society with the participation, strength and effort of the members
of ThaBarWa Centre, various local and overseas parahitta, social and
volunteer groups, who are keen to do limitless good deeds.
13. Fulfilling the wishes of the foreigners, people from different religion and
freethinkers, who want to practice meditation, do volunteering and good
14. Building pagodas, schools, meditation centres, etc at the place where the
need is most acute.
15. Indeed, Thabarwa Centre was established with the life, possessions,
place, combined effort, selfless action and limitless good deeds of Sayadaw
U Ottamasara, the donors and volunteers who are interested in to practice
meditation as well as to do limitless good deeds.
Thabarwa Centre utilizes all the donations and materials received in
genuinely fulfilling the requirements of the multitude and the people.
(Dhamma = Universal Truth or Universal welfares)
ThaBarWa Centre … for you and for everyone
“With the aim of providing opportunities for meditators to do a wide range of good deeds on a regular basis, I established Thabarwa Meditation Center.
Instead of confronting and solving problems directly by following traditional social norms, I encourage, train and guide those who come to Thabarwa Center, including the elderly and those facing complex health, social and financial problems, to solve their problems with the aid of dhamma (meditation practice of mindfulness & right understanding).
I teach them to enhance their power of right understanding by listening to dhamma teachings, practicing insight meditation and performing good deeds as much as possible. Those people gradually come to realise that their problems were solved due to the merits they gained in doing various good deeds while staying at Thabarwa Center.”
– Sayadaw U Ottamasara

ThaBarWa Centre and how to get it

the place of learning and practicing meditation and helping others who needs help for physical and mental difficulties. Our place is known as Thabarwa Tayar Yeik Tar (ThaBarWa Meditation & Helping center) in Thanlyin township is 1hr & 30 min bus drive from downtown of Yangon.

Note: pls tell the driver that the centre is near Tar Wa Tat Ka Tol ( Tar Wa university OR Than Lyin Pa Yar Gone)

Our center is taking care of everybody who cannot support themselves because of various reasons and at the same time teaching them how to meditate and take care of their mind.

By staying in our place , you can participate in below activities of our centre according to your own wish.

1. Following the monks who are going alms round for charity and sharing back to patients, infirm, old people and meditators.

2. Taking care of patients or infirm or old people.

3. Following the countryside trips of the centre bus and branches of ThaBarWa Centres in other cities.

4. Learning burmese people and culture.

5. Attending meditation session and classes.

6. Helping in cooking for old, infirm, and hopless people and patients and meditators.

7. Helping in library.

8. Cooking and Sharing food to the old and disable people.

9. Learning the mercy villages for homeless and hopless people which are established and donated by our centre.

10. Teaching the Children or adults language or others or social activities.


How to come our ThaBarWa Centre:



  • Can i get the address of thabawa centre so that i can make some donations.

  • I have a very rare cancer desease i am yoga and qi gong teacher….have friends in china
    And want to visit your center december/january 2016 in the hope of little help…..
    I am buddhist and thank you very very much!
    Ning jing / dagmar

  • Contat Johanna

    Dear friends,

    I met someone here in India few days ago that introduced me about your center and highly recommended it to me as a great place to volunteer during my stay in Myanmar and to keep learning and practicing my Buddhism.

    I am presently in India until July 21 and I am planning to come in Myanmar just after that and will love to volunteer and meditate amongst the monks for 2 or 3 months if possible.

    I went through your website and I will love to share few of my skills to help the people living in your center as I am a Gestalt Therapist (psychotherapist) and Relaxation Therapist in France. I have been taught at school about helpful protocols to help people with cancer or HIV and I will love to share this knowledge with your people.

    I also will be certified in teaching Halta Yoga in a month (Sivananda School) allowing me to help people feeling better not only with their mind or emotions but also with their body.

    Of course, I will be more than happy to help at your center in any other ways needed like cooking or any other activities. But helping as a Gestalt Therapist and Relaxation Therapist is definitely my first interest in volunteering if possible.

    About me, I am woman of 38 years old from France and I have been traveling now
    for 6 months around Asia. I really enjoyed traveling and doing Vipassana retreats along the way in different countries but now I feel it is time for me to follow.a spiritual master and be surrounded by monks and share with them their daily life.

    So if you have any interest in my profile and motivations and you are able to welcome me in your center starting July 22 for 2 or 3 months, I will feel very grateful to you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


      You’re most welcome-if you want to stay 2-3months yoy better apply for a meditation visa(tourist visa is only 28days and cannot be extended)-so if you need it We can send you the sponsor letter, just send me your passport details and email adress.
      At :
      Here your skills are most welcome…and I am sure you can also learn a lot.
      Just let me know about your passp.and for all details about visa you can find on website…
      Sayalay Khema


      Not sure you got my first answer(some connection problems)…
      Yes,you’re most welcome and your skills are very useful here.if you need a meditation visa which can be extended for3months just send us your passport details and we’ll send you a sponsor letter(necessary to apply for meditation visa)-the teacher is going to vietnam&cambodia on19june till13july and I am following him but thete are plenty ofbpeople here who can introduce you to the center and to the teachings before you can meet Sayadaw…
      Let us know if you need anything, and when you’re ready to arrive…and welcome here anytime
      Sayalay khema


    You are most welcome here. You can just pop in anytime-you can also call me if you want make sure to find me:09250047330(also through viber-by adding+95)
    The teacher and few of us are going for a dhamma trip in vietnam&cambodia on 19.hope to meet you before-otherwise there is still plenty of people at the center who can assist you and you can stay as long as you wish.
    Sayalay Khema


    Welcome to your interest, coming, staying and learning at our centre. You can stay and learn at our centre as long as you wish.
    Glad to know that you are interested in meditation, sprituality and helping others. Pls call me 099 7060 9478 for any difficulty to come our place. pls see how to come our place in my profile of CS or
    with metta

    SOE Win Htut

    • Mareike

      Thank you so much. I will arrive tomorrow during the day by taxi from Yangon. I wrote down the directions and your number thank you for your help. If I have difficulties with finding my way anyhow, I will call you. I am happy meeting you soon, with best regards, Mareike


        You are most welcome here. You can just pop in anytime-you can also call me if you want make sure to find me:09250047330(also through viber-by adding+95)
        The teacher and few of us are going for a dhamma trip in vietnam&cambodia on 19.hope to meet you before-otherwise there is still plenty of people at the center who can assist you and you can stay as long as you wish.
        Sayalay Khema


        Tomorrow we’ll probably be in yangon all day, if you want you can come to our 45Street (No 45,4th floor)in afternoon and come along with us:-) otherwise just come to Thanlyin center whenever you want, as you like. You can call me anytime.

  • Moe Naing

    ဆရာ​ေတာ္​ဘုရား၏တရားအသစ္​မ်ားကို နားၾကားလိုပါသည္​ Up to date တင္​​ေပးႏိုင္​ပါက

  • Carmen

    Dear friends, I am a Buddhist. I would like to visit to your centre to practice meditation and do some volunteer works in Dec this year for 2 weeks. May I know how to apply and the cost of such arrangements? Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Carmen


      You can come, no problem-just tell us exactly when as the time get closer-there is no cost to stay at our center, it is fully runned by donations-you’re welcome anytime for as long as you whish to stay.
      Sayalay Khema


      You are most welcome…just come, no need to apply, only tell us which day you’ll arrive when tinme will be closer…no cost. Our center is free of charge- running on donations.
      Just come…very simple:-)

  • nansansanwin

    love without any limitation for admission.
    And, an opportunity for everyon who is in needs or interests in provoding donating volunteering.

  • Grisel

    Hi! with my friend we are in yangong and we are interisted in to do coachsurfing with you! it is posible. where are you?
    Thank you


      Yes, you are welcome. Actually we are outside yangon(about 1h bus drive from downtown)across the river.
      You can take a bus from Sule Pagoda to Thanlyin…ask for “ThaBarWa”-they will know and stop you at right place, than either you walk or take a cycle-taxi to our center…it’s just5min walk.
      You can find more details if you need on website.
      When you reach the center come to the big bright orange building, there will be people who can welcome you and speak english.
      You can come anytime…

  • For all who are considering going to Thabarwa centre,
    I just can say that: That is THE PLACE to COME.

    You may read my experience here:

  • Andrea

    Hello. We are a couple traveling around Asia trying to help with anything we can. After reading your page, we are really motivated to join you for some time and help as much as we can. We are arriving in Yangon on the 16th of November, is it OK for you?
    Thank you

  • Tanya Brownbridge

    I am
    Interested in meditating and coming to your centre . My friend Karen Adaway from
    England came this year and I am planning on coming with her again as soon as possible . Thank you


      Dear Tanya,

      Glad to hear and mostly welcome that you are interested in meditation and coming to our centre.
      If you want to stay more than 28 days, it is necessary to apply the meditation visa at a Myanmar Embassy.
      To apply a meditation visa, you will need a sponsored letter from our centre.

      With regards,
      Soe Win Htut


      Sorry for so late reply-some technologic problem…you can contact me by email if you still need:
      Or see our blogspot more detailed

  • Sukhy Kaur

    Hi, I am currently staying at the mahasi centre, after spending nearly 3 months meditating in Malamywine and the Yangon area.
    I would like to come to stay to apply the knowledge received and cultivated during this time, in a more practical manner, through helping others before leaving for home in March.
    I will message you about arriving during this period, and I have heard nothing but amazing things about the centre.
    With much metta
    Sukhy Kaur

  • Hello, My name is Mabel Vicentef, Im an artist from Argentina, traveling around Myanmar, in going back to Yangon In a few days and I will like to see if I could paint a mural in the centre and stay there collaborating a few days. Please take a look at my website with my artwork

    I think that it would be be a great experience for me and it would be nice for the people who’s staying there also to put some colours to the walls. Thank you


      Yes, you are welcome here…we can see together what kind of painting would be suitable here:-)
      You can contact me directly by mail or just come and we’ll organize when you are here.
      Sayalay khema

  • Ingrid

    Hello, my friend and I Just finished reading your informations on your web site, we would be very interested in spending some time with You within your facility as a volunteers.
    We are actually in Yangoon for couple of days and we would be ready to join you on tuesday for at least 2 weeks if its fine for You? We both have experience in volunteer work and we wil be really happy to work with You.

    Please let us know if This Is possible.

    Thank you in advance

    Russell and Ingrid


      Yes, you are most welcome.
      For 2weeks, months or years:-)
      See direction on how to arrive and when you reach the center go to the orange building for registration…than things will flow naturally


      Yes, you are most welcome.
      For 2weeks, months or years:-)
      See direction on how to arrive and when you reach the center go to the orange building for registration..

  • Noam Frenkel

    my name is Noam Frenkel, i live in israel and traveling in Vietnam this days. i would love to come to thabarwa center in Thanlyin for about 20 days in order to volunteer and study meditation. Of course, I will be more than happy to help in any ways needed like teaching english or any other activity in the center. my flight land in yangon in 22/5, and i want to come to the center straight from the airport, is it possible?
    thank you very much (:

  • Ken Ng

    Dear Friends,

    My name is Ken. I heard this organization through one of the postings in my FB. I would like to visit your center to practice vipassana meditation and to be a volunteer (I am good in cooking). My tentative schedule to visit is 31st May – 9th June, 2016. I hope I would be able to take part in this mission.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Ken Ng


      Yes, you are welcome. Arrive at a raesonable time of the day and go tothe orange building for registration…have a safe journey

      • Ken Ng

        Dear Friends,

        I just got my ticket confirmation. My arrival will be on June 7th.I will make sure will be there at the reasonable time. I will be staying for 11 days.

        I am looking forward to taking part.

        Thanks again for opening your door.

        Ken Ng

  • Helen pyers


    I am interesting in coming to volunteer at your centre on the 22nd of June if possible. I am an Australian currently traveling in Thailand and I’m due to fly into Myanmar on the 20th.

    Kind regards,
    Helen Pyers


      Yes, you are wlcomee anytime and as long as you want. See on website indications about ‘how to arrive’ and come weneverh you are ready…

  • Laura Aidelsberg

    I met people travelling who told me about your place. They came and volunteer.
    I will be really interested in having an initiation about Buddhism and meditation. In exchange I would be really pleased to volunteer and help you in any manners I can.
    Would that be possible?
    Do I need to send you a letter?


  • Carol L

    Hello – My name is Carol and I am coming to Myanmar in November 2016 to join a group trip.

    I would love to add to this experience by coming to stay at the centre either before or afterwards for approx. 5 days to do meditation, listening to teachings and do some volunteer work.

    As I will be on my own, I wanted to know if I need to register in advance, if there will be accommodation for me actually at the centre and if there is someone I can speak with in English on arrival to show me what to do and where to go?


      Yes you are welcome any time. There will be place for you and someone will show you around…when you arrive go first at the orange building for registration, than things will flow naturally

      • Albertus

        I am Indonesian. Last Year I travelled within 2 weeks to Yangon, Bagan, Kyaik To, And Mandalay visiting some touristic destinations . Last year I have not heard about Thabarwa Centre. I would like to come to Myanmar anymore and involved in your program especially in the following activìties:

        1. Following the monks who are going alms round for charity and sharing back to patients, infirm, old people and meditators.

        2. Following the countryside trips of the centre bus and branches of ThaBarWa Centres in other cities.

        3. Learning burmese people and culture.

        4. Attending meditation session and classes.

        5. Teaching the Children or adults language or others or social activities (English and Indonesia language).

        Do you mind introducing me to one of Person In Charge in your organization so I can communicate with him intesively please? THANK YOU

        Best Regards


  • Eve

    Hello, a friend I met in India while doing a Yoga Training recommended me your center. I would love to be a little part of the amazing work you do. I already arrived in Yangon yesterday and would like to come to your place maybe already tomorrow if that’s possible?
    Best wishes, Eve


      Yes, most welcome. Follow directions of website and when you arrive go to teh orange building for registration….

  • Shailesh Shinde

    My name is shailesh shinde. I am from India, I would like to ask one question, Is this same technique of vipassana which is taught by Goyanka guruji in India ??? please explain


      Not really. As Sn Goenka explains well, three is 4kinds of Vipassana.
      Kayanupassana (observing the body)
      Vedanupassana (observing the feeling)
      Cittanupassana (observing the mind)
      Dhammanupassana (observing all other natural phenomenas)
      Here we practice Dhammanupassana, detachment and contemplation of non- self nature.
      Here you can practice all kind of methods but we train not to be attached to a method, a place or a teacher

  • Ari

    Dear friends, I would like to visit to your centre to practice meditation and do some volunteer works in November for 2 weeks.
    I was in Cambodia doing a volunteer with children, for me are special! Lovly! :)


      Dear Ari,,
      Welcome to your interest, coming, staying and learning at our centre. You can stay and learn at our centre as long as you wish. Pls call me 09 788 651 272 or 099 6797 2090 or contact ( for any difficulty to come our place. pls see how to come our place at
      with COMPASSION,

  • Deborah

    Hello I’m Deborah from Italy
    I’m very interested I’m very interested in your centre as a volunteer and for meditation especially to learn how to contact my feeling and not only my thoughts.
    I think I need to stop in Singapore for visa …turistic and meditation are possible you wrote,  same requirements and costs?  I need to leave tomorrow for expiring local visa and book my flight today
    Thank you very much :-)


      Welcome to you from our centre warmly and wholeheartly.
      Please contact or for applying meditation visa or getting sponsored letter from our centre.
      In order to ge a sponsored letter from our centre, you will need to stay at our centre at least for 6 week in learning meditation and volenteering.
      here all are in free of charge.

  • Gilad Chen

    Dear Thabarwa,

    My name is Gilad, I am 23 years old from Israel, right now I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam.
    I’m wishing to come to volunteer at Thabarwa center which sounds truly wonderful!
    I think I have a lot to give, as a musician and artist, with my experience at education with special needs back at home, and especially with my positive attitude and will to learn and give.
    Overall I’m sure I have a lot to learn and I’m definitely curious and excited to finally visit Myanmar and study, experience and get inspired by the spaciel Buddhist range and meditation method.

    I’ve heard a lot of impressions and recommendation about your place and I’m seriously want to come and be a part of it.
    I already send an email and Facebook message which maybe didn’t sended properly, I know through a friend that made it, that I can talk with you about the meditation visa and I really want to know what I need to do in order to have it, what can I offer for it- as minimum time period and volunteering missions and responsibilities.

    I really wish to meet you soon, I’ll arrive to Yangon in few days and I hope we could arrange the meditation visa so I could stay and be part of your amazing goals and the effort to make the world a better place!

    Thank you,
    Gilad Chen


      Dear Gilad Chen,
      Dear Gilad Chen
      Welcome to you from our centre warmly and wholeheartly.
      Please contact or for applying meditation visa or getting sponsored letter from our centre.
      In order to ge a sponsored letter from our centre, you will need to stay at our centre at least for 6 week in learning meditation and volenteering.

  • Nanette van der Spek

    Dear sir/madam,

    I would like to help out in your centre because i am inspired by your work and would like to learn more about your way of living. Is that possible? I can cook, give english lessons or do whatever is needed. I would like to arrive on december 11th and stay for a couple of days. Please let me know whether this is ok.

    All the best,
    Nanette van der Spek


      Dear Nanette,
      Welcome to your interest, coming, staying and learning at our centre. You can stay and learn at our centre as long as you wish or 11 th December 2016
      GLAD TO HEAR THAT you are interested in the way of living. We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s activities or meditation classes. I would like to suggest you it is better you can stay for a week to learn meditation.
      Pls call me 099 6797 2090 or 09 788 651 272 for any difficulty to come our place.

  • kyaw min hlaing

    ဆရာေတာ္ကို တိုက္႐ိုက္လႉႏိုင္တဲ့ဘဏ္အေကာင့္ ရွိေစခ်င္တယ္
    အလႉေငြအနည္းအမ်ား ေနရာမေရြးမွလြယ္လင့္တကူလႉဒါန္းႏိုင္ပါမည္။
    အလႉရွင္မ်ားရဲ႕ ဖုန္းနံပတ္မ်ားကိုအလႉေငြရရွိေၾကာင္း massage ပို႔ေပးျခင္းျဖင့္ ေက်နပ္ဝမ္းသာမႈကိုရေစႏိုင္ပါတယ္။
    အလႉေငြအနည္းငယ္ တပိုင္တႏိုင္အလႉရွင္ေတြ ပိုလႉႏိုင္ေစခ်င္လို႔ပါ။
    ဒီထက္ပိုမို တိုးတက္ေစခ်င္လို႔ပါ

      ဆရာေတာ့္ဆီ တုိက္ရုိက္လွဴဒါန္းႏုိင္တဲ့ အေကာင့္ေတြ ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။
      In Myanmar KBZ Bank & Yoma bank can also accept the Donation to the Centre activities:

      Account Name: U Ottamathara

      ThanLyin KBZ Bank Acc No: 123 – 121 – 0046846

      Botataung Yoma Bank Acc No: 013 – 31 – 502225 – 5

  • charlotte

    Dear Sayada U Ottamasara,
    We are two french people, Charlotte and Jerome, we’d like participate in thabarwa center.
    It will be possible to come and stay for
    a while to help in your organisation ?




      Welcome to your interest, coming, staying and learning at our centre. You can stay and learn at our centre as long as you wish.
      We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s volunteering activities or meditation classes.
      Pls call me 099 6797 2090 or 09 788 651 272 for any difficulty to come our place. pls see how to come our place in 

  • ေနျခည္ဆက္

    ဖုန္းနံပါတ္ေလးသိပါရေစ စေနေန႔မွာ ေမြးေန႔အတြက္ လာလွဴ ခ်င္လို႔ပါ။ ေက်းဇူးပါ


    I would like to come and help for few days around Monday.
    Do i need to degister in advance or just show up?:)
    Is there a fee for volunteering?
    Thank you,
    See you soon.


      Dear Gilad,
      No need to register in advanve.
      You can come directly to our center and can register when your arrival to our center.
      All are free of fee.

  • Florence

    Hello, I would like to visit the center this Thursday 16 or Friday 17february. Is it possible (is there any place for me? I have hall I need to sleep, tent ,…) I’ll have to pay something? I would like to stay 3days to discover, help and meet people?
    Thank you.


      Dear Florene,

      We have the place for foreigners seperately anytime for any duration.
      No need to pay anything but just follow some regulations of the center.

      with regards,

  • Aurelia Grabosch

    Hey there,
    Since I still have a couple of days in myanmar, I’d love to join you! Can I just start by tomorrow or do I need to sign up?
    Where exactly are you located?


  • Karen

    Hello, I’m travelling with a friend and we would like to participate in your community at the centre for a few days. We will probably have to overstay our tourist visa in Myanmar. Will it still be ok to stay? Karen and Sanne

  • Ruth Burston

    I wish to come to your centre to help and do good deeds to assist those people less fortunate than myself. I am Australian from the countryside and being the eldest in my family I have always been a helper. I have mobeen in Asia for nearly 3 years teaching English and helping as a volunteer with countryside family and elephant sanctuary. My visa in Thailand finishes on the 13th May and I would like to receive a letter from you so I can come and help at your centre for at least 2 months if you think I can be of help.

  • Oona Viguerie

    I am very enchanted and admirative of your organization!!
    I would really love to spend a few days there or a week.
    I have been working in Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines for two month and I would love to discover how you help people and also I Would really like to practice and discover meditation. Can I just pop in or do I need an autorisation?
    Thank you very very much!
    Deeply hoping I can come!

  • Dianne Schwartz


    My name is Dianne and I am very interested in coming and helping and meditating at your centre. I was hoping to stay and become a part of things until early November or perhaps even December – but the Myanmar Visa is only for 28 days. I have heard about meditation visas – would this allow me to stay longer than the 28 days?

    Warm blessings,

    Canadian currently in Thailand


      Yes meditation visa can allow to stay for more than 28 days.To get the meditation visa you will need the sponsored/recommended letter of a meditation center at Myanmar.

  • Erika

    Hello! A colleague at an English center I taught at recommended this organization, and I am quite interested! I will be flying into Myanmar on the 4th of September and will be spending 3 weeks in your beautiful country. I was hopeing that I would be able to volunteer for a week at your center, and learn about Burmese culture and meditation as well! Would this be possible?


      Sorry for our late reply,
      It is Ok and welcome to you.
      You can come and stay and help and learn at our center for any duration and anytime.

      Soe Win Htut
      09 788 651 272

  • zwe bo bo

    Greeting to thabarwa meditation centre.

    I am totally free at coming month. And I also have plans to enter some meditation centre. Therefore; I would like to enquiry about possible date I can start meditation for a week and the things I need to take when I come to the centre. I am looking forward to your reply. By the way…I am buddhist and have experience of 7days meditation about three times.


      Sorry for our late reply,
      You can come to our center any time and any duration according to your free time.
      Pls contact for more info: 09 788 651 272

  • Thabarwa Center

    To whom it may concern,

    I am Grace Meres, 41 years old, residing at Kalayaan Village Pasay City, Philippines.

    I am sick right now due to Diabetes and I am interested to undergo healing in your center. Im a single mother with 3 kids ages 3yo, 16yo and 18yo. The two of them are studying. I have no work and not capable to support my medical needs.

    Attached are my medical records for your perusal.

    Hoping for your kind consideration and your utmost attention to my needs.

    I was reffered by my sister in law, Jenny Rostata.

    Thank you so much!


    Grace Meres.

  • Samaneri Kosala

    I visit to Thabarwa center in usa.
    But lost the way. Please give me the exact


      30751, Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

      Fb : thabarwa volunteer, thabarwa center USA

      TIME: Every Tuesday and Thursday,
      from 9 to 11 AM
      LOCATION: Thabarwa Center,
      30751 Ortega Highway,
      Lake Elsinore,

      TEACHER: A monk from Wat Khmer
      Cambodian temple in Lake Elsinore

      DESCRIPTION: Meditation and dhamma discussion, followed by lunch offering

  • Antonela Zurita

    Hi! Im Antonela from Argentina and I am travelling in Asia since last 6 months. I would like to stay in your centre in October (since 20) or November, my data is flexible!


      OK and welcome to you for any time and any period for staying and helping and learning meditation at our center.

      Soe Win Htut
      09 788 651 272

  • Nele Fierdag


    My sister and i are traveling through Myanmar since two weeks and heared about the thabarwa via facebook and were really impressed. We Would like to volunteer in your organization and help out.
    We arrive jangon at the 20th so we can be at your place at the 24th but only for three days, cause our back flight goes on the 28th.
    So we wanted to ask, if its possible?

    Best regards,



      IT IS ok and welcome to you for coming, staying and helping and learning meditation at our center for any time and any period.

      Soe Win Htut
      09 788 651 272

  • Yannick Bucher


    I’m coming in Myanmar the 14th of October and wanted to join your center to meditate and to learn more about Buddhism. Would it be possible to stay in your center for more a little bit more than one week?

    Thank you.



      Yes ok you can come and stay at our center for learning meditation and Buddhism and others according to your free time for any duration.
      Any difficulty to come our center call me 09 788 651 272.

  • Yannick Bucher

    I’ll be in Myanmar next month and wanted to know if I could spend some times in your center to meditate and help others? Thank you for your answer!



      Dear fri,

      It s Ok and welcome to you staying, helping and learning meditation practice for any duration and any time.

      With regards,
      09 788 651 272

  • Zhaki Ho

    Dear Mr/Mrs,
    I’m a traveler from Viet Nam whom have been traveling for 7 months already. I know Thabarwa Centre via and was told that i could do something foe helping peoples here ( by Venerable Sayalay Cala). And i hope i would give my time for the centre if you allow me. So i’m looking forward to you guys. Thank you very much!

  • Adi dassa

    Hey I would like to volunteer in your centre please contact me 😀


      It is Ok to join to our center any time in your convenience.

      We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s activities or meditation classes.

      Pls call me 099 6797 2090 or 09 788 651 272 for any difficulty to come our place or


      It is Ok to join our center and volunteer here any time of your convenience.
      pls contact email.
      for more details.

  • William

    Hi from Spain! I am William Broyles
    Facebook:William Broyles.
    I will go to Myanmar next 15 January! I would like to help and be volunted with you! Please contact to me.
    Best regard.

  • Vinicius Konchinski


    My wife and I have been in a long journey for seven months. We just arrived in Burma.
    We are really interested on doing a medidation intensive course in here. We heard that your center accept yogis anytime in the year.
    Could we be part of a medidation practice on December?
    Do we need to do any registration or give you any personal data?



      You can learn and practice meditation here in December.
      You can come directly to our center and can register when your arrival to our center.

  • Bach Tra

    I want to go Thabarwa center to live
    I am 65 year olds

  • Ana Chen

    Hi, I’m going tomorrow to Myanmar and maybe in a week time to Yangon. I want to do this special retreat for at least a week ! Is it possible?

  • Shiran

    I will arrive to Myanmar at the begining of february and I would love to volunteer at your center for 3 weeks (meditation visa). If it’s possible I would love to give more detales about myself.

    Thank you

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