Apply for Meditation Visa

Follow these steps to get a meditation visa for Myanmar


The Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok is located near the BTS station Surasak

Operating time:
Visa application 9 am to 12 noon
Visa pick up 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Submit 5 items

1. Filled out application form (business/meditation visa is only 1 page)

2. An invitation/sponsor letter from the meditation center

3. 2 passport fotos with a white background
(passport fotos are available inside the embassy 8 fotos for 100 thai baht)

4. Copy of the passport ID page
(there is also a copy machine at the embassy, charging 3 thai baht per page)

5. The original passport

Submit these items at counter 4 to receive a queuing card, than go to queue at counter 1 for payment (they only accept thai baht)

2115 thai baht for same day pick up
1780 thai baht for next day pick up
1440 thai baht for pick up 2 days later

Visa Pick up time is from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

In Kuala Lumpur the myanmar visa office is located at Masjid Jarmek LRT

Application time is from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Pick up time is 4 pm to 5 pm

Same requirements as in Bangkok

but there is only one pick up option

180 malaysian ringgit for same day visa pick up


  • Elias C Henderson

    Hello! I am interested in volunteering at the center as well as advancing my knowledge of meditation. To apply for the visa, I need an “invitation/sponsor letter from the meditation center.” How can I get this from the Thabarwa Center?

    Thanks you for your help,

  • mickael lefevre

    I m coming to Myanmar for 10 days and i d like to do a meditation course. I applied tor an Evisa. Is it enough ? How long is a course ? Can i do it for 3 or 4 days ?

  • Pannavuddho Bhikkhu (Alan James Cooper)

    I am a 70 year old English Buddhist Theravada monk. I currently stay in a Burmese monastery in Lampang. Thailand. I have been here for 6 years (Vassas). I recently completed a 2 week course in Bangkok and met a wonderful Japanese nun who recommended that I might consider staying for a while at your monastery.
    Having read your website I really believe that both I and your community could gain benefit from my staying with you. I also need meditation guidance from Sayadaw.
    What is of use to your community is that I worked as a youth worker in London and Oxford. Using my own painful background as a powerful point of contact. “Well, if he could do it then so can I.” I have a “University of Wales Diploma In General Studies”; I have a B.A.(Hons) and an philosophy. Then a 1 year PGCE in TESOL.I began teaching . I started teaching English in Thailand in 1990. I took on year out to teach in Japan and 4 years in Brunei. I teach English to monks, nuns and lay people here as dana.
    I ask you kindly for a “Meditation Letter” for January-February 2017.
    May you and all your community be well, happy and peaceful.


      Dear Pannavuddha Bande,

      Welcome to you warmly and wholeheartly to our centre.
      Please contact ( or ( to get a sponsored or recommended letter from our centre.

  • Andrew Wright

    Hello, my name is Andrew Wright.
    I am interested in apply for meditation course at your centre later this year.
    What costs are invovled, and could you send me some further information.
    I am currently in Lampang, Thailand. I have been living in China and need to return there in either September
    or October, after my visit in China has finished, then I will be free/able to visit Myanmar.
    My religion is Buddhist and have had experience with Thai temples in Thailand and Australia.
    (I am Australian citizen.)

    Many thanks,

    Andrew Wright.


      We have the monthly regular retreat at our center and Pwin Oo Lwin thabarwa center, a branch of Thabarwa center.It will starts from 1st to 7th every month. All are free of charges including transport.You can come and stay and learn at our center for any duration and any time. Pls contact
      ( for more info.

  • Ingrid

    Dear all,
    I’m travelling to Myanmar and I would love to volunteer at your center if it’s possible.I found another volunteer via workaway and they respond me to ask here, I’ve been looking about your center and I really think your project is so interesting. I have a limited time of 10 days, I could be there the 5th of November and leave the 15th. I don’t know if that’s ok for you.
    If you have any other question dom’t hesitate and ask me.
    Thank you so much,


      Sorry for my late reply.
      You can come directly to our center and join our center in any time of your convenience.

      Pls call me 099 6797 2090 or 09 788 651 272 for any difficulty to come our place.

  • ashley siemon

    Hi, there. I am very interested in volunteer at the Myanmar Thabarwa Centre – I heard about the organization through a friend on facebook. I am hoping to come for 2 weeks or so in January, is this possible?

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