If wanting to donate the centre or Sayadaw’s good deeds, POSB Bank Singapore can accept donation as below;


May Bank in Malaysia can accept donation as well,

account Name: ottamathara enterprise 
Acc. No: 5624 7814 1632
Swift code: MBBEMYKL


In Myanmar KBZ Bank & Yoma bank can also accept the Donation to the Centre activities:

Account Name: U Ottamathara

ThanLyin KBZ Bank Acc No:  123 – 121 – 0046846

Botataung Yoma Bank Acc No: 013 – 31 – 502225 – 5


Regardless of their physical and mental conditions, ThaBarWa provides nearly 3,000 yogis (as of November 2014) with basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and healthcare which includes hospitalization, for free so that they can fully concentrate on the pursuit and realization of Dhamma.

Even on the event of death the Centre performs their last funeral rites and gives them a decent burial.

In addition, ThaBarWa is also the place where volunteers can donate their skills, time, energy, labor, money and materials to gain merit and practice meditation for a worthy cause, and to look after the welfare of the residents taking refuge at ThaBarWa Center. ThaBarWa channels the money and materials received in donations to provide a peaceful venue for people to practice Dhamma without worry.


What Is Needed
Fund, education, training, expertise, skills, technology, materials and machinery for various sectors and areas are urgently and crucially needed at ThaBarWa Center.

Contributions and expertise from world-wide and international organisations, NGOs, companies and individual are warmly welcomed as we are struggling to fulfill the very basic needs and requirements like food, shelter and healthcare for the ever increasing number of under privileged and helpless individuals and families seeking refuge at ThaBarWa Center.

The headquarter in Yangon (ThanLyin) as well as Saytanar Village No. 1 (15ft Saytanar Village) at Thanlyin had far exceeded its capacity and thus the new branches of ThaBarWa Center and Mercy Villages are being established all around Myanmar (at increasing rates) in order to fulfill the demand and the requirement for the teaching of dhamma, food, shelter and healthcare.

Thabarwa Dhamma Hospital Yangon Myanmar

Thabarwa Dhamma Hospital Yangon Myanmar

Dhamma Hospital
Due to the increasing number of elderly and infirm (sick) seeking refuge at the Centre and to enable ThaBarWa to cater to those who are in need, Thabarwa Sayadaw is now planning to build a modern 6-Storey Dhamma Hospital within its 80 acres ThanLyin premises.

Dhamma Hospital

Hence, the funds, materials, equipment, machinery, expertise, technology, medicines, medical equipment, furniture, etc are urgently needed in order to start the foundation and to build the hospital building as soon as possible.

Thabarwa Natural Vipassana Meditation Center Thanlyin Yangon Myanmar   (1)

The Hostels
At the moment, all the residents are housed in very run-down and makeshift tiny little huts and brick buildings.  Due to the lack of funds, materials, machinery, building technologies and expertise, all the buildings in ThaBarWa are being build in a very traditional and primitive way and by using manual labour only.  Most of the hostels and buildings are not elderly, children, infirm and disable friendly and safe.

Demand for the hostels, buildings and living quarters always exceed supply due to the ever increasing number of elderly, infirm and poor seeking refuge at ThaBarWa Centre.  Though the new hostels and living quarters are always in need, the supply has been slow and thus unable to meet the demand.  As a result, the currently hostels and living quarters are so cramp and overcrowded to the extent of being health and safety hazard.

On top of the above, isolation buildings, wards, medical equipment, training and education are urgently needed at ThaBarWa for those who are suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and communicable diseases and also for those who are caring for them.



Saytanar Village No.2
In addition, due to the increasing number of homeless, helpless and needy family members seeking refuge at Saytanar Village No. 1, the second ThaBarWa Saytanar Village in Hlegu Township north of Yangon, Myanmar  was established in May 2014.

Though, as of to date, over 500 needy families are resettled in Saytanar Village No. 2, the very basic requirements such as the roads, electricity and drinking water issue have not been solved to due to the lack of fund, expertise, knowledge, technology and materials.

Thabarwa Natural Meditation Center Yangon Myanmar (60)

The beginning of the Meditation Hall in Hlegu Saytanar Village

With whatever little expertise, materials and technology we have, the village meditation hall is currently under construction.  The projects in the pipeline for the village in the near future is to build a school and a hospital.

What We Need Urgently
Following is a list of things needed urgently to support the mission and effort of ThaBarWa Center and ThaBarWa Sayadaw U Ottamasara.

General Supplies
Basic and everyday items like clothing, mosquito netting, beds, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, pampers, slippers, adult pampers, soaps, wash powders, bleach, disinfectants, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, stationary, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, plates, mugs, etc, etc, etc … everything and anything under the sun …


Buckets For Food Distribution

Modern, New Technologies and Expertise
Modern technologies and expertise in food preparation, cooking, storage, nutrition and hygene …



Modern technologies and expertise in alternative natural and organic energy sources, recycling ideas for the kitchen as well as water purification, drainage, pests control, sewage system, etc …


Thabarwa vipassana meditation center water filter-system-yangon myanmar

Clean Drinking Water
Water Filtering Systems and Water Purification System for clean drinking water.


Alternative water source … drilling artesian  wells, motors, pumps, pips, tanks, sensitizing (disinfect, purify), etc in order to have sufficient daily water supply (for hygiene reason) especially during dry and hot summer months …


Medical Supply and Furniture
Medical supply, medicines, oxygen supply system and equipment, blood sugar level monitors and strips, etc …


Furniture especially the beds, bedding, the wheel chairs, walking aids, etc.

We especially need beds and mattresses suitable for terminally ill and bed-ridden patients and old folks in order to prevent them from bedsores.
To upgrade and improve over crowded, cramped, cluttered, badly/poorly lit, pests, fire and health hazard hostels, living quarters and toilets to become uncluttered, bright, better air circulation, hygienic, elderly, infirm and disable friendly.


Thabarwa Natural Vipassana Meditation Center Thanlyin Yangon Myanmar   (11)

Construction of Hostels
Building materials, heavy machinery, technology and expertise is always in need as we are struggling to cope with the demand of living space needed for the growing number of elderly, infirm and disables seeking shelter at the centre.

Currently we are just making do with whatever limited technology, materials and resources we have … mainly and basically doing things manually as per the following photos …


Vehicles thabarwa transport-yangon


Vehicles and Ambulances
Ambulances, vehicles of all types, shapes, sizes and capacity including golf-carts and lorries.


Food transport thabarwa meditation center yangon myanmar


Wood at thabarwa vipassana meditation center yangon myanmar


Currently there is no … not a single ambulance in the centre though we have more than 300 infirm including terminally ill patients and bed-ridden old folks.

thabarwa vipassana Meditation center vehicles in yangon myanmar


  • Taylor young

    Is it possible to come volunteer for 2 days next week?


      Yes, possible. Just arrive at a suitable time of the day and go to the orange building for registration

  • melad osmani

    I’d like to come and volunteer for two weeks, how would I go about this?

  • freya spencer

    Hello. I would love to come andvolunteer for 6 days in a few days suggested by the other comments is it still the protocol to just arrive and go to the orange building? Many thanks.

  • Sarah Newton

    Hello, our family visited in April and we had a really amazing experience. Last week we showed slides of our trip as a fundraiser for the ThaBarWa Centre and we would like to make a donation of the money we raised. Is there anyway to do it by paypal or credit card? So much is lost to do the method outlined in the donate section of the website.
    Sarah, Rory, Nelson, Alexandra
    Revelstoke, Canada

  • Rachael

    Hi, who could I email about volunteering for 4/5 days when I come to Yangon? Many thanks


    Hi, I’m Gianluca Labricciosa Costa, I’ve been in THABARWA last August-September. I love this place and the people who lives there, and It’s why I want to come back the next year, but, I have a question to ask. My intention is to come here with two friends, and we want to film a documentary film, to show the really good job that the people do in this center, local people and foreign. Our idea is stay for 10 days-2weeks and try to help while we film. We want to buy the flight tickets in one month and we need if we can film in the center.

    Thanks for you time, i waitting your answer.


      Welcome to you and plan to film a documentary film.
      In our centre, we are open to do good deeds and practicing meditation.
      Let me know your arrival date when you are confirmed in arriving.
      for more detail, contact email: or

    • Good morning Gianluca,

      I am wondering if I could volunteer too from June 24 to July 17, and could help with the documentary if you need to.

      I am a photographer and study in journalism, and constantly volunteer in organisations by teaching, caregiving and any other help I can provide.

      You can check my portfolio and CV here:

      I would love to visit you and help with anything you need! Also, do you receive clothes donations?




        It is Ok for clothes donations. You can come and volunteer at our center according to your any convenient time.

        with regards,
        Soe Win Htut

  • Miren

    I am in Yangon for two days but afterwards I would love to volunteer for 2 days. Is it possible?

  • Alexandra Muckle

    Can I stay at the center to volunteer for a short time? I’m only in Yangon for a few days but would love to help even for a bit. Not sure if you do 2-3 day stays but I would be interested. Let me know :)


      Of course, you can stay and learn and volunteer at our centre as long as you wish.
      We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s volunteering activities or meditation classes. I would like to suggest you it is better you can take more days to do good deeds and helping others for inner peace of oneself and others.

      with regards,

  • Sacha

    Could I volunteer for a few days some time before the 26th of this month? Is it only possible in Yangon or also other places, like pyin u lwin? (Are there any other thabarwa centres in myanmar?) And how important is it for the visa to still be valid when I come, would it be a problem if overstaying?
    Thank you!


      Dear Sacha,

      Welcome to your interest, coming, staying, volunteering and learning at our centre. You can stay and learn at our centre as long as you wish. 

       We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s activities or meditation classes.

      There are some branches of Thabarwa centers in other places like Pyin U Lwin. I would like to suggest you it is better you can volunteer at Yangon Thanlyin because of language barrier. Here you can be overstaying by paying overstaying fees.

  • Jeff

    Is it possible to donate using PayPal?

    If so please provide an address to do so.

  • Marie Lebreton


    I would like to spend some days in your place during my trip to Myanmar, how can I register ?
    I would like to help you, to learn the culture and to have some hours each day to work for my studies.
    I would like to know if you have an internet connexion ?

    My trip is planned for september but I don’t know which weeks exactly.

    Thank you !


      Dear Marie,

      You can come directly to our center and register on arrival within office hours. Here our center has internet connection.

      with regards,

  • Igor Marchetti

    Good Morning
    I’m Igor Marchetti.
    I’m planning to visit Myanmar in november.
    I’d like to come in your Place to volunteer and give an help.
    I’VE not A particolar skill, but i’m willing.
    Is it possibile to stay there for a few days? Is it possibile to have other information about fees for accomodation and food?
    I’M looking for an answer.
    Enjoy yourself


      Our center is the center of helping and learning for Spiritual growth. You can stay and help and learn meditation at our center for any duration and any time in free of charge in all. According to your generosity, donation are welcome.
      Soe Win Htut
      09 788 651 272

  • Melody

    Good day!

    We would like to volunteer for one or two weeks in your center at the end of october. We are 2 people with a good english and skills that you may need.
    Do you have some availability for us at this time?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Best regards


      It is Ok and welcome to 2 of you for coming and volunteering and learning at our centre for 2 weeks or any duration as you wish.
      PH: 09 788 651 272


      It is Ok and welcome to you for any duration according your free time.

  • Rocío Maldonado

    Hello I am interesting to come like a volunteer , what i have to do ? How can i contact you? Also i am a doctor and i can be usefull in anyway.


      You are most welcome here anytime you are in convenient time to join our center.

      We request people who come here, even for a short time to follow strictly morality which include 5 precepts or 8 precepts.

      We will be so happy you can participate in our centre’s activities or meditation classes.

      Pls call me 099 6797 2090 or 09 788 651 272 for any difficulty to come our place. or

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