This is an interview of Sayalay Daw Amara at Thabarwa Center in Myanmar.

Due to her stressful business life she developed an ovary cancer but after joining a 10 day meditation retreat with Sayadaw U Ottamasara her intense pain and the whole cancer suddenly disappeared.

2 years later after she had resumed her business life, the stress and tension built up again and the cancer came back worse than before.

She was about to die, so she went back to meditate under Sayadaws guidance and the cancer disappeared again, from than on she stayed in the meditation center as a permanent resident and volunteer.



Dr Swe Swe Aung, a veterinarian doctor, is suffering from a chronic diabetes (diabetes hereditary disease). Due to her chronic diabetes, she was totally bedridden at the age of 58. Due to her weak immunity, she had suffered from tuberculosis (TB) for three times the first time being at the age of 16. She had also suffered from the side effects of strong medicines prescribed for her assortment of diseases.

Sick and tired of the sickness and the condition which she was in, she had decided to spend her remaining days with dhamma contemplation and to practice vipassana insight meditation under the guidance of ThaBarWa Sayadaw Venerable Ottamasara and thus moved in to ThaBarWa Meditation Centre as a full-time yogi.

Since that time onward, her health improves slowly but steadily to this condition. Dr Swe Swe Aung is now a meditator (yogi) of ThaBarWa Meditation Centre in Thanlyin, Myanmar.

Her health improves a lot due to dhamma contemplation and vipassana insight meditation at ThaBarWa Meditation Centre. She is the living proof that anybody can overcome serious diseases by vipassana insight meditation.



Tin Tin Aye, age 69, was working for the agriculture ministry in Myanmar.
After manifesting various symptoms and serious health issues she found out through a biopsy, that she had developed a liver cancer.

She has been living with the cancer since more than 25 years now, without going through standard western medical treatments.

Tin Tin Aye maintains her live by meditating, eating the right food and herbal remedies.
She learned various kinds of vipassana insight meditation from teachers all around Myanmar, she also practiced intensively samatha concentration meditation at Pa Auk Monastery.
Now she focuses exclusively on vipassana insight meditaiton, while residing at Thabarwa Meditation Center.

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