Meditation Notes (1)

Meditation Notes via Sayadaw U Ottamasara teaching;

hlegu township mercy village 2 thabarwa meditation center yangon myanmar (5)

-Meditation is The Way Of Liberation.

-Meditation should be known as the practice of mindfulness with detachment which can be conditioned by right understanding.

-Right understanding is understanding that created truth such as body, mind, life, actions, this way or that way is to be used-only, done-only,known-only and experienced-only.

Without meditation, we are using the created truths or life in the wrong way. It is using with attachment. It will surely lead to vicious cycle of problems and stress.

Through meditation, we use the created truths or life in the right way. It is using-only without attachment.
It will lead to the liberation from the vicious cycle of all problems and stress.

Soe Win Htut – thabarwa centre. Dec 22, 2015