Meditation Notes (4)


Meditation Notes via Sayadaw U Ottamasara teachings;


Impermanence of Something & EVER-NEW IMPERMANENT NATURE


Meditation is understanding and contemplating Ever-New Impermanent Nature correctly.

It is easy to understand and see the impermanence of Something or Someone which is created truth (relative truth) without insight meditation.

But, according to original truth in Buddha’s discovery in enlightenment, impermanent nature which is unsatisfactory and non-self is EVER-NEW IMPERMANENT NATURE.

It is beyond the impermanence of Someone or something which are created truths such as hotness/coldness, pain/pleasure, liking/disliking, hardness/softness, stillness/movement, attraction/repulsion etc, that appear to be real on account of non-enlightenment or not understanding EVER-NEW IMPERMANENT NATURE correctly.

It is necessary to understand that Impermanent nature means ever-new impermanent nature which is happening in every moment (renewing and disappearing nature in billion/trillion times per blink of an eye).