Meditation Notes (6)

True Answer of Peace, Purification & Freedom


True answer is only within the practice of meditation. Meditation is not only sitting on cushion without moving, closing eyes but the practice of morality, concentration and purifying the mind (right understanding).

In the practice of morality, it is necessary not to do harmful deeds to yourself and your environment. Not to do harmful deeds, it is necessary to do good deeds such as donation, taking precepts and the practice of mental development (Bhavana).

In the practice of concentration, it is necessary to develop the continuous mindfulness of whatever happening in our mind and body at the present moment with right effort just to be mindful of the present momentary arising & vanishing of five aggregates such as  feeling/sensation, emotion/volition, perception/memories and consciousness/thinking etc.

In the practice of purifying the mind(right understanding). it is necessary to develop right thinking or reminding or reflecting the truth.

Right understanding is based on right thinking or right reflection which should be concerned with the Truth which is the truth of the created truths, to-use-only, to-do-only, to-know-only, and to-experience-only. It means to change from attachment to detachment, and wrong understanding to right understanding.

In order to be using-only, doing-only, knowing-only, and experiencing-only without mental rejecting and attaching, it is necessary to understand and think correctly about the original truth, the present momentary impermanent nature (dukkha) appearing and disappearing constantly on account of misunderstanding the created truth (self) as reality and attachment to it.

The present momentary impermanent nature (dukkha) will appear and disappear constantly by the power of action with misunderstanding and attachment. That process of appearing and disappearing is known as the Law of dependent origination.

That constant process will continue until enlightenment by the practice of meditation.

The true answer is non-self, neither something, nor individual but the process of the present momentary impermanent nature appearing & disappearing is happening constantly until enlightenment by the practice of meditation, the practice of morality, concentration(mindfulness) and right understanding.