By staying in our place , you can participate in below activities of our centre according to your own wish.

1. Following the monks who are going alms round for charity and sharing back to patients, infirm, old people and meditators.

2. Taking care of patients or infirm or old people.

3. Following the countryside trips of the centre bus and branches of ThaBarWa Centres in other cities.

4. Learning burmese people and culture.

5. Attending meditation session and classes.

6. Helping in cooking for old, infirm, and hopless people and patients and meditators.

7. Helping in library.

8. Cooking and Sharing food to the old and disable people.

9. Learning the mercy villages for homeless and hopless people which are established and donated by our centre.

10. Teaching the Children or adults language or others or social activities.

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