Thabarwa Teachers

Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara (The Founder of ThaBarWa Centre)

Sayagyi U Kway San

Sayalay Kusala Cari

Uzin Shin Yewata Nanda

Daw Lai Lai Aung

Daw Thida Than

Soe Win Htut

Sayalay Daw Punnamie (Bangkok, Thailand)

Sayalay Tazanyani (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Thabarwa Sayadaw U Ottamasara (The Founder of ThaBarWa Centres and Meritorious Banks)


• Born in 1969. B.A (English, Honours) from Yangon University.
• Started to learn and practice Meditation via the guidance of Mogok Vipassana Method.
• Practiced at International Meditation Centre (Sayagyi U Ba Khin) and Dhamma Joti Meditation Centre (SN Goenkaji) in Yangon.
• After the 2nd round of retreat at Mogok Meditation centre in Yangon, abandoned the mental sufferings, worldly business, attachments and grasping completely and he founded “From Avijja to Vijja” Wisdom Sharing Foundation in 2002.
• Eestablished ThaBarWa Centre (2008) and Mercy/Goodwill villages (2008) and Kutho Banks (The Collections of the Meritorious Deeds_Philanthropic services) (2015) for those are in physical and spiritual need such as including yogis, monks, nuns, children (orphans), disables, elderly, infirm, and the people facing complex health, social and financial problems.
• Teaches meditation practice, the way of ending of sufferings in various institutions, schools, hospitals and individuaree l residences in Myanmar and overseas.
• Through his teachings, many people, young and old, sick and healthy, rich and poor around the world are learning to convert ‘ignorance into wisdom’, ‘greed into compassion’, & ‘hatred into abandonment’.


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