Universal meditation (ebook)




The practice & insightful knowledge
for purification, happiness, peace and harmony (ebook)
by Soe Win Htut
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This book is intended for anyone regardless of religion, race or nationality who wants to be free from the mental defilement such as stress, miseries, worries, fear, jealousy, craving and hatred, which are the original causes of problems and conflicts in our lives.

All over the world, regardless of religion, race or nationality, everyone wants peace and harmony, internally and externally.

So why does our world continue with problems, conflicts, miseries and wars? It is because we do not realize the original cause and the right way of ending of them.

Without practicing the universal meditation, everyone’s
mind is full of mental defilement. The mind with mental
defilement cannot realize the truth, or the right means of problem solving and right understanding. Without right understanding (right means of problem-solving), our actions, speech and solving ways tend to result in problems, conflicts and disharmony within ourselves and our environment, again and again.

For the true peace, happiness, harmony and freedom
for oneself and our world, it is necessary for everyone to practice
the universal meditation, regardless of religion, race or

Soe Win Htut
Oct 6 – 2015

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