What Buddha taught

Buddha taught two kinds of truth.

1) Created Truth

2) Original Truth


1) Created Truth

Created Truth is something, everything, someone, everyone, individual, ideas, mind and body.

Created Truths are concepts, dualistic nature – hotness/coldness, softness/tightness, hardness/softness, attraction/repulsion, pain/pleasure, like/dislike, yin/yang, male/female, sick/healthy, young/old, life/death, near/far, long/short, black/white, places, time and space etc.

Created Truth is conventional truth, not the Original Truth of the Ever-New Impermanent Nature.

Created Truths are limited, not perfect and not permanent. They are just temporary.

Created Truths are to be used-only, to be experienced-only, to be mindful-only and not to be taken as reality. There are endless problems in life because we all are traditionally or naturally using life in the wrong way. When we are attached to the Created Truths, attached to this way, that way, to be someone, to some place or time we are living our lives with misunderstanding.

Created Truths are our actions, experiences, perceptions, knowing, mental states, the goodness and badness of our current situation are not realities but Created Truths. They are not to be attached to nor rejected, nor thought of as real or the source of lasting happiness or unhappiness.

Created Truths are not true compared to Original Truth. Created Truths seem to be real only because of ignorance of the Original Reality, the Original Truth.

2. Original Truth

What is the Original Truth?
There are two kinds of original truth.

1. Impermanent Nature
Impermanent nature is not impermanence of someone or something but Ever-new Impermanent Nature.
It is “constantly appearing and disappearing nature” which is conditioned by volitional action with wrong understanding and attachment.

(Note: …….It is easy to understand and see the impermanence of something or omeone which is created truth (relative truth) without practicing the middle way.

But, according to original truth in Buddha’s discovery in enlightenment, impermanent nature which is unsatisfactory and non-self is EVER-NEW IMPERMANENT NATURE.

It is beyond the impermanence of Someone or something which are created truths such as hotness/coldness, pain/pleasure, liking/disliking, hardness/softness, stillness/movement, attraction/repulsion etc, that appear to be real on account of non-enlightenment or not understanding EVER-NEW IMPERMANENT NATURE correctly.

It is necessary to understand that Impermanent nature means ever-new impermanent nature which is happening in every moment (renewing and disappearing nature in billion/trillion times per blink of an eye). …….)
It has two abilities:
a) its original power to think the created truths as reality or real importance. (Because of non-enlightenment or misunderstanding of ever-new impermanent nature, created truths seem to be real.)
b) its original understanding about original and created truth.
2. Permanent Nature
It is Original Permanent Nature or Constant Existing Nature.




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